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This event is over
March 2 - 23

Circus starting place: Clock Town
Event Timeline: Clock town
Show theme: Myths

Quick note: This is a refresh of the time-line, everyone who has participated in the events before hand no longer have memory of such events. While this may come up later. It is important to realize that in a way this is completely new.

 He gazed out at the looming clock tower, somehow in the booming industrial age that Termina was in the tower still managed to be the largest building within the capital city. Crossing his arms the Ringmaster let his eyes wander away from it to the masses that darted in and out of the city. A gentle smile made its way to the Ringmaster's face. It was time.

A call went out through the circus, each leader was to bring their members to the big tent to hear a announcement from their amazing, glorious, and generous Ringmaster. Once there they found him standing in the middle of the ring pacing, swinging his cane and spinning occasionally. After a few minutes of watching his performance the Ringmaster abruptly twisted on his ankle and leaned forward. All the troupe members could see was the large white grin that spread from ear to ear.

"Ah my sweet darlings," The surprisingly feminine voice slipped out from the man's strained grin. "It is time to bring these depressed, overworked, lower class workers some semblance of joy." He pulled back and spun on the heel of his shoe before beginning another track of spinning. "But before you ask me, ' Oh, Ringmaster my Ringmaster how do we do that? ' I shall tell you! A show! A show! A show of histories long forgotten!" A wave of his hand he dismissed the group without a second thought before sauntering off.

Within the crowd there was a heavy sigh after the eccentric man had exited the big tent. A orange Zora, neither male nor female came to stand where the Ringmaster had been. Beside them was a man obviously blind and with forest green hair, he was smiling and looking aimlessly out at the crowd.

"What he means," The Zora began with obvious contempt towards the Ringmasters lack of explanation. "Is that we are going to put a show on, a show regarding Myths of Termina." Another sigh. "I believe the Ringmaster specifically wants the one of the young boy who saved Termina from the raging god Majora. So that is the one we shall work with. It is well known and at least will be easy to compensate." Reaching out a hand in the air the Zora smiled. "So, shall we get to work on the show everyone? Let us make it amazing!"

With a dismissing wave the Zora took the man's hand and went towards a specific group of members it is clear that while the man is not a leader of a faction is the Zora is.

:star: Event Goals :star:

:bulletred: Your character is participating in the show! :bulletred:

:bulletblue: Characters in faction have to show their outfit for the Show/ where they are working.
:bulletblue: Characters can be show in the show/working
:bulletblue: Characters can be shown in the aftermath of the main show

:star: Rewards: :star:

150 rupee's at the end of the event
More Journal Entries



Will Affiliate with RP or Zelda groups!

Table of Contents

"Come to the Cirque of Fear! Come see things from your wildest dreams! Come relive your fears, come see false gods and magic! You will not be disappointed.

Seeking people to join our troupe as well. If you are interested ask for the Ringmaster. "

:bulletpink: How to join :bulletpink:
Before joining please read the journals below on how to join!

FAQ and Rules
Character Creation

:bulletblue: The Factions :bulletblue:
We have 4 factions here at the circus, choose your faction carefully! They are not always open for members, please check the journals below for more information.

Factions and Jobs

:bulletred: The Story and Information :bulletred:
Below is the story and setting that the circus lives in, everything from maps to writings of Gods!

Book of Lore I - Races
Book of Lore II - Religion
Book of Lore III - Cultures
About Termina
World Map

:bulletyellow: Player Assistance:bulletyellow:
Do you want to know how to store and spend your rupees or where your wallet is? information is here, or you can ask your faction leader.

Currency & Wallets
The Shops

This group is rated: PG-13 for violence, gore, and horror themes.

Group's Genre: Horror, Action, Adventure


Got questions? Note us admins!








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tilloppy Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
hey hey! I've just bought majoras mask and shall be playing it out,

Then hopefully attempting to join the crazy circus!! ^v^
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yes! we are! :D sorry for the late reply my feed got eaten up by another group XD
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Is this group open?
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Yes! We are currently open, we just had a long event so we are taking a little while until our next one. 
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Question: could I have a character that has more than one job?
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Hmm, thats a good question. Here's the answer:


You have to have a primary job if you are in a main faction (ex: Keaton faction) And you can be good in other areas, but those are not  your job.

Now if you are in stone faction you are almost required (its like some unspoken rule thats sorta popped up in the group. No one made it or anything) To help out in any and all areas, but your listed as one job.

To be honest its sorta a toss up, but we prefer you to have one listed job. :)
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lalc Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think im going to enter!
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