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:bulletred: Before joning remember to read the rules! :bulletred:…

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:bulletblue: Applicatons:

Stone Faction:…

Truth Faction:…

Keaton Faction:…

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Currency system:…



:bulletblue: Our story:…


:bulletpink: Termina and Towns




:bulletyellow: The Cirque's Lore:


Book One:…

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Will Affiliate with RP or Zelda groups!
Important notice! This event will be updated on September 21! Things will be slightly changed and  Twitch's portion will be added. The event will then run until the 15 of October!

Only a few hours after each group took off.

Canon of those who went with Ryukyu: :iconpaper-plate: :iconjohn-my: and :iconmanxlink: via roleplay

As the six ascended into the Stone Tower they were met with little to no resistance. It was as the world became devoid of sunlight did the group realize that there was something inherently wrong about the tower. The building had an inherent evil that seemed to be seeping out of the walls, whispers of those dead and gone haunted the air around them. Entering room after room they found nothing of significance nothing that would assist them in their journey for truth.

Until they came to an room that was filled with statues, it was eerie and disturbing. Their eyes seemed to follow them around the room. Kalinko had grabbed onto Ryukyu at this point, and the group began to converse about the statues, mentioning how lifelike they seemed.

Suddenly a woman appeared from the far side of the room she had an ethereal glow about her, and moved like water. She had red eyes that scrutinized her visitors, pulling her shoulders back to her full height she gazed down at them, her short light blonde hair contrasting with her deep brown skin and white gauzy clothing.

“What are travellers such as yourself doing in this realm? I have not received visitors in quite some time, is there something you need?”  The group was stunned, so she continued. “Has the river dried up by one of your contraptions again?” The woman paused, looking around the room carefully. “Or do these memorial statues bother you?” She did not seem haughty in her attitude, but instead was calm and serene, someone that would command respect and would rightfully need it.

Those with eyes that could see where under the impression this woman was a ghost, some form from the statues. She began to bombard them with questions Many which were reluctantly answered. Finally with a vague story of what was happening down in the mining village the woman looks at them shocked as if she did not know what was happening.

“My brother is sending his underlings to terrorize the village?” She raised an slender hand over her mouth. “I have not seen him thus from the time we sealed our father.” The woman began to pace. Looking back at the group once more. “You do not know who I am do you?”

There was shaking of the heads and quite no’s.

She smiled softly and laid her hands over her stomach. “My, how mortals have forgotten us. I am Didymus, the guardian of Ikana.”

Cannon of those who went with Twitch: :iconkatreal: and :iconkururutec: via roleplay

Will be up soon writers block and what not is keeping me from finishing it.


:bulletred: This is a Main Story Mission.

:bulletblue: What happens next? How does your character react to the Goddess/Fairy?

:bulletyellow: Remember to RP!

:bulletyellow: If you have any questions feel free to ask a admin!

:bulletgreen: There is no skill points for this event currently.

:bulletred: This event will end 8th of October

:bulletred: We are open for applications!

Please remember that there will be changes going on to the group, it will not effect our events but it will cause some shuffling around. Do not be alarmed when something is deleted or removed.
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Got questions? Note us admins!









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