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"Come to the Cirque of Fear! Come see things from your wildest dreams! Come relive your fears, come see false gods and magic! You will not be disappointed.

Seeking people to join our troupe as well. If you are interested ask for the Ringmaster. "

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Before joining please read the journals below on how to join!

How to Join & Rules

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We have 4 factions here at the circus, choose your faction carefully! They are not always open for members, please check the journals below for more information.

Blast Faction
Keaton Faction
Stone Faction
Truth Faction

:bulletred: The Story and Information :bulletred:
Below is the story and setting that the circus lives in, everything from maps to writings of Gods!

Book of Lore I - Races
Book of Lore II - Religion
About Termina
World Map

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This event ends tonight at 11:59 PM North American Eastern Standard Time! </b>
Deep in the ruines of Ikana’s old city

The goddess Didymus stared down those who had entered her domain, she was not angry, but she was surely not pleased by the story they had told her. It was obvious that they did not have any knowledge of the past nor an inkling about the gods themselves. Moving her gaze from them to the stone statues she sighed, slightly not surprised by the reactions they had given her. Turning from them she began to walk away, letting the white cloth trail behind her dirtying it in the sand. Reaching out her hand she gently touched the stone carvings. “These were once people, well, at least some of them were.” She looked out at the long hallway. “Kings, queens, children, soldiers, mothers, they all lived, and died.” Didymus closed her eyes. “Time flows around them until their time is up, or someone stops it.” Her eyes opened and she looked down at the mortals. “And I stopped some of these peoples time.” Reaching out her hand the statues behind the group begun to shake, some cracked. Others had translucent hands reaching out, grasping for physical objects they could no longer hold.

Each of the group reacted in their own way, shock, confusion, fear. It ran unchecked through each of their minds before the goddess began to speak again.

“I loved them so much, I couldn't bear to lose them.” Her voice was close to tears and her eyes were sparkling with them but she continued. “As you can see, I did lose them though, their life still passed even when I tried to steal it away from the goddesses grasp. She was so very angry with me, and my brother for letting me do so that they cursed their souls with immortality leaving them with me to hear their cries. And since my brother is absent there is no one to carry them off unto death.” She eyed the section of the troupe suspiciously. “You seem to have an connection to us gods that I do not believe you understand. It is time to test this, come, fight these spirits and possessed corpses, release them from their torment. Call my brother to us, set them free.”

And with that Didymus vanished, turning herself into water which was then devoured by the parched soil. She left the moaning stalfos and the poes reaching out, crying to be set free and angry that they had been imprisoned for so long. The group was going to have to engage them to survive.

Over one hundred years in the past

The group ran frantically hordes of Stalfos biting at their heels. Twitch threw a look behind her shoulder, the sight she saw was frightening and turning her blue eyes back to the front she panted heavily from the strain of sprinting.

Moments before they had concluded the race with the Captain, reaching the treasure chest at the top of the hill, Captain Keeta had tried to keep them from succeeding by raising fire barriers and raising his minions. His pride not allowing anyone else to defeat him, but the trio did, it was Twitch who pushed herself through the fire barriers to distill their sting and it was the young Keaton who threw up illusions to keep the Stalfos minions at bay. Together they were determined to succeed for the Great Fairy; and they did, the only difference was that now after reaching the top and watching as the enraged Keeta order his minions to attack them, they were now running for their lives. The landscape was different than what they had grown accustom to in their time.

The small group had reached the long sloping road that would bring them to the small village of Ikana, but with rising jagged rocks that seemed nearly impossible to scale they were left looking towards the road that would take them back to Clock Town. Twitch turned around to see Keeta and his minions gaining on them. They had to choose.

“Enough!” The angry male voice echoed through the valley, and an shadow rose up from the ground. “Go back Keeta!” The figure threw an dark power at the rampaging skeletons. “I have given you to much freedom and now I am taking it back!” The unknown man’s hand clenched and the Stalfos screamed, the man only rose his voice. “You may be immortal because of something that the goddess did but you still exist in my domain! Bend to my will!” The Captain threw up his hands and retreated back into the graveyard leaving the dumbfounded trio staring at the man, who turned to them. “He may have meant you harm, but he was once an good man. Or at least that is what I am told.” There was a hood that shaded the strangers face, but you could see his red eyes glowing from the darkness, along with white smile that he gave them. “I saw your entrance, you are not from this Termina are you?” He was curious, and kind sounding the mans form was drenched in shadow but he seemed to be small and frail, something that meant them  no harm.

“True,” Twitch said hesitantly, putting herself between the man and her friends. “We, we came on a mission to weaken the Captain.”

“Well, mission accomplished, I have done so for you. He will no longer be able to waken unless he regains something important that he lost long ago. But you did not answer my question travelers.” The tone which the man used was teasing and soft, he folded his hands in front of his chest and tilted his head.

“No, I didnt.” Twitch muttered, she looked at her companions and bit her lips, unsure of what to do, then quietly she said. “It looks like we do not have a way home either way,” Sighing she looked at him. “We hail from about one hundred years into the future, we were sent back to complete an task given to us by the Great Fairy of Ikana.” Now that she said it aloud, the prospect sounded very crazy, surely he would not believe her.

The man tapped his chin. “As far as I understand there is no Great Fairy residing here within this dead space. I cannot say you are lying though, for your manner is not of anything that I have ever seen of the locals.” He chuckled. “Although only the dead truly roam Ikana. I guess I will have to take your word, I am Didymos, guardian of Ikana. I do not require your names but I would love to hear them.”

After much hesitation Twitch gave her his name, and she allowed her companions to do the same if they wished. Didymos chuckled again.

“What strange names. Well, come children of the future. You are safe in this land as long as you stand with its caretaker.” The cloaked man waved his hand for them to follow but Twitch shook her head.

“We need to find a way home.”

Didymos frowned. “Did this Great Fairy give you no way home?” He watched as Twitch looked away  fear dancing in her eyes. “I see… She asks something impossible without an gods help and leaves you stranded, that is not very benevolent of her.” Looking away from them Didymos turns his gaze towards the graveyard. “Well, let us return to the graveyard then. Perhaps my old friend has seen something out of the ordinary.”

They followed the god back into the graveyard where an frumpy older man was poking his head out of an crumpling building who lit up when he saw Didymos. Their shadowed covered companion raised his hand and waved. Opening the door all the way the man hobbled out of the doorway, he was hunched, and his face was disfigured but he seemed happy, he did not seem to notice how strange he looked.

“Dampe!” Didymos opened his arms and embraced the old man. “I apologize for the frightening events, I have silenced the Stalfos, they should not bother you much any longer.”

Dampe smiled and thanked him, then stared at the trio. Twitch rubbed her arm uncomfortable in the situation.

Didymos frowned, “Dampe, did you see an portal open up and let these three through? Did you see where?”

Dampe nodded again and led them to where they came out...


:bulletred: This is a main story mission

:bulletpink: What you need to draw: A reaction to the events transpiring, what your character will do (at the end of said event aka, fighting or searching) And anything else regarding the event.

:bulletgreen: This event will go on from today (2/7/2015) until 2/28/2015

:bulletyellow: Remember to rp! And if you have questions to ask a admin
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