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Table of Contents

:bulletred: Before joning remember to read the rules! :bulletred:…

:bulletred: F.A.Q. :bulletred:…


:bulletblue: Applicatons:

Stone Faction:…

Truth Faction:…

Keaton Faction:…

Blast Faction:…


:bulletblue: Our story:…


:bulletpink: Termina and Towns




:bulletyellow: The Cirque's Lore:



Due date will be May 27 2014

The terrible storm came to an end, and the monsters fell away with the night. A fire burned in the many of the old huts from the lightning and bodies of monsters littered around the troupe. Slowly they came from the sides of their beasts, and others slowly brought down their weapons and eased their stances. The dreadful night had not been without wounds and worries. Where had the monsters come from? Had they come to kill the people of the valley?

The supposed leader of the monsters had been defeated by the Keaton leader, and his group had managed to avoid any problems because of the fast acting Blast faction, Truth faction, Stone faction. The Keaton faction fought the hardest and  had the less damage of all of the factions. As the Ring Mast emerged from the cave he saw his troupe safely hiding next to their dodongos caravans. With a sigh of relief he moved forward to assess the damage that had been caused; some of the group was bandaging wounds while others where setting up the tents and trying to regain some normalcy.

As he walked down among his group he heard them whispering, that's when he saw his son talking to Ythreln, while the leader of the Keaton faction was bandaging his friends bloody arms and tending to a gash on the side of his face. The Keaton leader noticed the Ringmaster and said something briefly to Ryukyu who tilted his head toward where his father was, then turned away.

Ashamed the Ringmaster pulled down his hat and slipped out of the camp.

Later when everything was set up Ryukyu adressed the troupe with Ythreln by his side; Twitch had been assisting her leader in putting up the tents and Yeela was rocking on her heels as she stood in the crowd.

"In-spite of what happened the night prior, we still must carry on," Ryukyu's voice was still strong as his mostly bind eyes looked out at the troupe, noting the few that where present. "In a few day's time we will be having a show to bring the people of the Valley joy and to take their mind off of the conditions of their living. I want everyone to do their best!"

"What will the theme of the show be?" Someone called out.

"The theme will be "Time"." Ryukyu called back, "Remember the goddess Verthandi, and how she is the one who keeps time. Also keep in mind the lore of a song that controlled time. Alright! Dismissed!"

Grumbling the troupe broke up, some joyous for the show, others begrudging and unsure. How will this turn out?
Only Time would tell.

:bulletred: Remember this is a show

:bulletblue: Remember it is your job to draw something that matches the theme of the show while keeping in mind the lore and the place the troupe is in.

:bulletblue:… ,… will help you if you get stuck. Try to get inspired!

:bulletyellow: If you have any questions remember to ask an admin!

:bulletyellow: Remember to RP!…

:bulletred: We are still open for applications:

Information on joining:

:bulletblue:… Rules and Applications, and how to join
:bulletblue:… The Story

Please remember that there will be changes going on to the group, it will not effect our events but it will cause some shuffling around. Do not be alarmed when something is deleted or removed.
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I would like to role play but I can only do notes since I'm on my phone all the time ; n ;
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