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This Part is rated PG-15 for mentioning of murder. This is a side event with slight information that regards the main plot. You do not have to participate if you do not want to, but it is highly recommended.

That Night

Whatever the troupe would have done, the cult had already had a plan in place long before they had come to the city. Besides the single child they kidnapped to sow chaos and to incriminate the circus. They had taken an child earlier that month causing the city guard to search for answers. The cult had set an elaborate plan in motion. After a great deal of the circus had been arrested, they begun to conduct a blood ritual with their leader at its head. She a woman dressed in long flowing purple robes and a veil covering her face. The woman began to chant in an lost and dead language, calling out to her god. Around the circle there was a familiar face to the circus, and slender androgynous individual who stared at the leader with criticizing eyes. It was obvious this person had been dragged and forced to participate in the heinous ritual. Crossing their arms they looked about, taking in the details of the environment around them. The cult was housing itself within the sewers of the city, ancient caverns built hundreds of years ago, an maze with an unknown purpose. Lifting up their hand to bite their knuckle they frowned, it was impossible to sneak out of this for they were keeping a close eye on them. How were they going to warn the people outside within the walls of Clock Town that tragedy was coming?

Twitch realized something was wrong. Looking about the hermaphrodite zora grabbed her arm rubbing it. She had had this feeling once before, and it always lead to trouble. The old troupe mate that had helped arrest the men in their group had gotten them released on an condition: they couldn't leave the city. The troupe was now in the square where they had just finished their performance hours ago standing slightly spell bound with the emptiness. There was no one around, while it was getting to be nightfall it was strange that an bustling city was without anyone walking about. Twitch turned and, frowning, addressed the troupe.

“We have been given an ultimatum. While I got you out of jail thanks to an old friend, we have been told we cannot leave the city until the case of the missing child has been solved. From my understanding, this is not the first child that has been kidnapped,” She paused and looked out at the square. “But, to be honest that is all the guard know too. They don't know anything else other than the child has been kidnapped by unknown forces.” Twitch bit her lip. How were they going to go about this? The whole situation was weird and unusual.  “We should, well, we shouldn't split up. I dont like this, no one is going to help us in this situation, everyone in this city is going to think we are the culprits. If we dont find who did it, we may even get charged. Or, even worse, get kicked out of the city and told never to come back.” That would be the worst possible outcome, if they were unable to come back they would lose a great deal of revenue. They wouldn't be able to make a living. “Lets, look around yeah?”

The individual was starting to get a stomach ache with how nervous they were getting: they recognized the language, and even knew what the woman was saying. They also doubted that she understood what she was speaking. When the leader of the ritual paused to take a breath they spoke.

“You do understand what you are saying right? What god you are trying to call.” They said glaring at the woman.

“I do,” She spoke quietly, her voice not as strong as it was when she was chanting. “It will allow Master Majora to return to us.”

“You don't want them to come back. Trust me.” The individual hissed.

“The Master is your father, why would you not want your parent to return to you?” The woman jeered.

“No, because that god will destroy everything I have worked for.”

The woman turned away from the individual and begun to chant again, lifting her hands as the sacrifice on the table began to glow slightly, reaching for an knife she lifted it up again with her hands finishing the chant. The individual who had spoke earlier suddenly protest again but was quickly restrained by the other cult members. The knife came down, on the young child and with an cry the ceremony ended and the rumbling began. Shaking their head the androgynous person looked down at the ground.

“This is an foolish mistake.” They murmured.

Outside the town had begun to shake, as the moon in the sky began to slowly morph, and illusion spreading over it, it had an face and was glaring down at them.


:bulletblue: This is a Side Quest

:bulletred: The Moon has begun to change. The troupe has to find the cult before the ritual is complete, use any means necessary to find them. (Draw your character participating in the search / or whatever leads up to the group finding the cult's hiding place.)

:bulletpink: This will run from 12/20/14- 1/10/15

:bulletgreen: Remember if you have questions ask a admin!

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